[ new stuff ]
- 21 feb 99 -
My how time flys when you're
having fun. A lot has happened
since our last news flash.
Maybe flash is the
wrong word.
We figure six months is a bit
too long between updates, so
we hereby promise to be more
conscientious from here
on in. Look for new stuff
every other month.

There are a couple of new recordings out there, a solo acoustic tour in Europe looming, the band in the studio with some new tunes with maybe some surprises, and lots of interesting music on the side by bandmates and alumni.

a woodcut by Jeb Loy Nichols Dave has just released a second solo acoustic album this month, Hammer and Nails, on Blue Rose Records in Germany. The stateside release is slated for the end of April on a new outfit called Catamount in Chicago. This may be the first time he'll have a new record out damn near simultaneously in Europe and America. Along with fellow traveller and OKra all star Jeb Loy Nichols, Dave will be doing a solo tour of Europe come the end of February. Check out the gigs page for details. the tour poster Another new release came out in Sweden. A compilation called Fireworks Volume 2 on Sound Asleep Records features a cover version of Bob Dylan's b-side "Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window", which was originally recorded during the sessions for Rock, Paper... way back in 1991. A little off the top and a little off the sides and a quick mix and it finally sees the light of day.
25 Explosive Tracks

The band went into Jolly Roger Studio in Hoboken a while back and emerged with half a new record, or at least the bare bones of it. Plans are afoot to do a repeat in May or June. Maybe here's our chance to use the album title "More Songs About Farms and Girls" at last. 1969 Recently The Bottom Line in New York staged two nights of music called "The Beat Goes On", and treated folks to a program of British Invasion hits and rarities. Featured were our own Jon Graboff, who played guitar all night for the first of the series, and sang "******", and Andy Burton, who played the organ and piano the second time around, and made a lot of folks very happy with "She's a Rainbow". And both evenings featured performances by alum George Usher, who by the way has a new record out called Dutch April. Photo of the Anti-Al
Why is this man smiling? Hmmm, actually I don't think he is, but he should be, since it would appear that The Peter Stampfel and the Bottlecaps album which was recorded last century may actually be released before the millenium on Rounder Records. Reason to rejoice. Cheer up, Al. Other side notes: Dave did some recording with the unmentionable Will Rigby, there may be a re-issue of the music of Ron's old outfit The Human Switchboard in the offing, and Andy has been gigging with Zombie-man Colin Blunstone. jeb's chair
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