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- 17 feb 97 -
Welcome back. Sorry for the long h i a t u s, (since October 22, last) it's been a wacky few months. November found the band in Europe touring in support of the release of "Dizzy Spell". Had some great times, met some old friends and made some new ones. The people were swell, The press was kind, and the beer was free.
usher's best brew
We've received a flood of mail asking about the availability of Dizzy Spell here in the States. It's great to hear from so many enthusiasts out there. Here's the story on the American release - Our once and future former US label, East Side Digital, has undergone some changes lately. (it's not a secret anymore, it's in Billboard.) Since we don't have any plans to play Finnish folk music, we decided to look e l s e w h e r e for a stateside home. Once the talking is done and we land somewhere, we'll let everyone know. Hopefully pretty soon.

As another
consequence of
the East Side story,
the back catalog
has now become
more readily
available via
If you need to
fill some holes
in your record
(or your backyard),
check out the
offerings at
Nasal Twang.
Thanks to all the folks who have dropped us a line during the last few months. If you haven't heard back from us yet, don't worry, you will. Just as soon as Seinfeld is over.


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