[ new stuff ]
- 24 february 98 -
Welcome back.
It's been
a while since the
last bit of news
appeared here.
( - october! - )
Holiday feasting and
cold weather tend to
slow the blood flow,
breeding sloth and
apathy in some of us.
No matter. 
Just huddle around
the EL84's and
wait it out. 

these aren't EL84's, but you could still fry your bacon, I'm sure.

Sadly, though,
it seems
like it's never
gonna snow
in New York
ever again.
Thank you, "El Nino".

The big news is a
home for Dizzy Spell
here in these United States.
The big day is March 10th.
That's the release date for
CPR 006.
This new label is called
Checkered Past Records.

Eric and the gang are
starting things off right
with a big shindig down
in Austin, Texas at the
South by Southwest
music and whatever
conference this year.
Thursday, March 19th
the Scholz Beer Garten
will be the site for the
Checkered Past Records
"Night of Stars".
Check out the gigs page
and the SXSW web site
for more details as they
become available.

thanks, Georg
Folk und die Folgen II?
Not really, but Dave is
just about finished
recording a brand
new solo album, mostly
Bunch of new tunes.
Release date?
Too early yet to
get into all that.
Time and energy
will be devoted to
the amerikan release
of Dizzy Spell first.

Now that the record is out in the States, a tour will follow. First thing will be the Texas Mini-Jaunt with a few shows in the Midwest in March. Early June will see a more extensive tour. As everyone knows, it's important to have a good selection of books-on-tape for the road. Some favorites in the Schramms' van are: Bill Shatner's "Star Trek Memories", James Mason reading "The Third Man" by Graham Greene, one where Studs Terkel interviews everybody, Derek Jacobi reads "The Iliad" (not a big hit with everyone), "Junky", read by the author, Richard Feynman's "Lectures on Physics" - a real hoot, and everyone's favorite of all time: "Miles: The Autobiography" read by Levar Burton! gene krupa he ain't
He probably didn't want anyone to hear about this yet (for fear that someone might rip-off his idea?), but Ron had plans to put up a site devoted solely to the institution of the drummer joke. Sure, it's a fine idea, but it's too late. There's even a site with bassoon jokes: "Why is a bassoon better than an oboe?" "The bassoon burns longer."

psyisiology? xeroxes?
If you missed something, and want to find out what used to be new, check out the previous new stuff from October 97 or February 97 or May 97.


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