[ new stuff ]
- 29 may 97 -
Welcome. I suppose
the biggest news
of the day is
the departure of our
George Usher,
for a simpler,
and hopefully saner
life. He leaves to
focus his energies
on his own band,
in the midst of
recording another
album, and on his
young'un - James.
We're happy to
have had him
on the bus for
three years, and
wish him all the
woo in the world.

usher's best brew
So while we're on the hunt for the proper horndecker to fill George's boots, we decide to play only a smattering of live shows. Some shows will feature friends and free agents. The odd solo acoustic gig is planned. [dizzy spell]
Although matters will be coming to a head soon, there is still no definite word on where or with whom our latest album will be released here in the States. Since so many of you have asked about the availability of Dizzy Spell in America, here's the story again on the American release - Our once and future former US label, East Side Digital, underwent some changes last fall. (it's not a secret anymore, it was in Billboard.) Since we don't have any plans to play Finnish folk music, we decided to look e l s e w h e r e for a stateside home. Once the talking is done and we land somewhere, we'll let everyone know. And we'll no doubt be doing some sort of U.S. touring come fall.

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