[ new stuff ]
- 4 october 97 -
Hi. Odds are
you came here with
the idea that
you might learn
something new
and exciting.
(ok, maybe not
Well, there is some
news, but nothing
momentous, yet.

There is a
date for the
American release
of "Dizzy Spell"
Late January.
A tour will follow,
the longest and
widest one we've
ever done in the
Not gonna say what
the label is yet,
because that
kinda thing is
a surefire
If you missed
the whole ESD
tale of woe, you
can scurry back
to the news for
May, and get
all the dirty


Tubes. More tubes.
That's the motive
behind the
"great experiment".
In an effort
to get more
Class A
tube amplification
onstage, the band
lineup these days
features the
addition of a
second guitarist,
the ever-resourceful
Jon Graboff.
It helps that he
plays a VOX.
And we're happy
to feature the
Hammond organ
stylings of one
Andy Burton.
Andy says he owns
73 different
keyboards, but
has promised
to bring only one
of them to gigs.

Dave, in a tizzy
Meanwhile, Dave has begun recording a second solo album, mostly acoustic. It should be in the can by the holidays. Doesn't want it to be 2 years in the making, like most everything else. [george, in a tizzy]
Also meanwhile, still working with George Usher on the odd musical bits. In the midst of recording George's album that tells a story - "Stevensonville", Dave and George continue to collaborate on new songs when they can.

If you missed something, and want to find out what used to be new, check out the previous new stuff from February 97 or May 97.


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