[ new stuff ]
- 7 june 98 -
Greetings, all.
The slogan for today is:
"The third time is a charm".
Dizzy Spell was released
in Europe a while back, then
in March we saw the initial release
in the States. Now, come July,
Checkered Past gets national
distribution through ADA and WB.
So the album will be re-released
or re-issued or whatever you wanna
call it next month. It's a strange

Soundmen of tours past.

This "tour" keeps
getting set back
because of the whole
thing. Now it looks like
September/October, so
in the meantime the band
is doing a few short
out of town jaunts to
while away the time.
Look for shows in
Philly, Chicago, Cleveland
Buffalo and E.Lansing
in June. Boston and
the Northeast later on
in the summer.

the side of some club in Austria somewhere

A few months back
Dave dropped in to
Baby Monster in NYC
and did some playing
on Rick Buckner's
new record for MCA,
titled "Since".
He had a blast,
and says it's
going to be a
great album.

and they mean it
On the even newer releases front, we unearthed an old cover version of Bob Dylan's "Can You Please Crawl, etc." that was from the Rock, Paper... sessions and gave it a spit-shine. Mayhaps it'll show up on the odd compilation out of Scandininavia. Dave was momentarily sidetracked from his solo acoustic album, but he is now back at work on it again, and should be finished in a few weeks. Meantime, he's been writing alot, and there are a couple handfuls of new tunes that the band will start recording this summer. Linz, Austria?
If you missed something, and want to find out what used to be new, check out the previous new stuff from February 98 or October 97 or February 97 or May 97.


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