[ new stuff ]
- 31 august 2002 -

Long time no speak, yes. 
We've been kind of distracted.
Preparing various and sundry
auditory concoctions.
Soon to be released:
a live two-CD set entitled
"2000 Weiss Beers From Home".
Recorded in Regensburg, Germany
during the 2000 European tour,
it will come out on Catamount Records
sometime in the near future.
The hope was to release a
single show, beginning to end,
with the minimum amount of editing.
We lost two songs when the
tape ran out, but the rest is there,
warts and all.
We'll keep you posted,
and we'll put some mp3's
up here on the site in the
next few weeks.
Dave got interested in
recording spoken word.
Poetry or prose suspended
sometimes precariously over music.
One of these efforts is nearing
it's conclusion.
Titled "Fourteen Letters to Justine",
the poems are the work of Tony Rubin,
longtime friend and sometime
collaborator since grade school.
And like the live CD, we'll
put some samples up on the
website, most likely in October.

The band has also recorded
about a half dozen covers,
for a lark.
Perhaps there will be
an EP or some such limited
release of these tunes.
Nothing planned for them yet.
About to be recorded is a
piece for the next
Ernest Noyes Brookings collection.

And other collaborations are
in progress, but are best
kept secret for the moment.
If you missed something, and want to find out what used to be new, check out the previous news.


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