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- 23 february 2001 -

Greetings, all. 
Just back from a short
midwest tour. Played a half
dozen shows from Ohio to
Minneapolis and back again.
It was nice to see some familiar
faces and make some new friends.

Jon was off in England playing
with Ms. Cantrell (well done, Laura)
so we played as a four-piece.
Andy had to use two hands.
Worked his Wurlitzer into the mix,
which was a happy consequence.

So there we are waiting for sound
check in some snow-tossed "venue",
reading the very local press.
Often pleasantly diverting,
but sometimes wildly
Which is even more diverting.
One feature had the headline -
"Band Overcomes Member Confusion"
or something. Not really sure
what they meant by that.
Another had Dave borrowing
a guitar from JD Souther,
he of Eagles fame. Hmm?

Looking forward to sharing
a show with Antietam this
Saturday night at Brownie's
in New York. It's going to be webcast.
On the Digital Club Network.

the live cd cover
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