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- 16 march 2000 -

16 march 2000

Well, the big news is 
that there's a new record
all finished and just released
in Europe. Once again by
Blue Rose Records.
A bit different, this one is.
The band has always produced
their own records, and probably
figured that producers were
for wimps or something.
Then Dave worked with
J.D. Foster on Richard Buckner's
last record Since,
and realized here was someone
on the same wavelength.
J.D. produced 100 Questions
and everyone's real pleased
with the results.
You can find out more
about the record here. New record, new tour. The European tour starts in Copenhagen on March 16th. For the complete list of dates check out the gigs page. Some new sounds from "100 Questions" over at the sounds page, And There's a tune that wasn't included on the new record called "Fade, Fade", which is kind of twisted, torn and trashy. It's one that Rick Buckner sang some wild harmonies on, and with the drums through some nasty little amp just to make it sound special, eventually it gets all frantic. You can grab it as an MP3 on our mp3 page.
100 Questions
If you missed something, and want to find out what used to be new, check out the previous news.


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