not The Schramms - a discography
- We've gotten alot of requests to post a list of former bands and guest appearances and such, so here's the first one, of Dave's other efforts. Ron, Al, Jon and Andy are soon to follow. -

other appearances on record by Dave Human Switchboard, Bootleg (1982) bass guitar. Jon Klages, In a Dream (Coyote, 1985) played bass and a little guitar. Yo La Tengo, River of Water b/w A House Is Not A Motel, 7" single (Egon, 1986) played guitar. Yo La Tengo, Private Doberman, from Luxury Condos LP (Coyote, 1985) lap steel. Yo La Tengo, Ride the Tiger (Coyote, 1986) sang, played guitar and lap steel. Chris Stamey, It's Alright (A&M, 1987) some guitar and lap steel. Yo La Tengo, Asparagus Song b/w For theTurnstiles, 7" single (Coyote, 1987) guitar. Bob Pfeifer, After Words (Passport, 1987) guitar. Myra Holder, Four Mile Road (Coyote, 1989) Guitar. Daniel Johnston & Yo La Tengo, Speeding Motorcycle, 7" single (SOL, 1990) organ. Rage To Live, Blame the Victims (Bar None, 1990) lap steel on "Divorcee", guitar solo on "Again & Again". Time For A Change, A Bar/None Compilation. (Bar/None 1989) see Blame the Victims above. The Replacements, All Shook Down (Sire, 1990) lap steel and guitar. Yo La Tengo, Fakebook (Bar/None, 1990) guitar, lap steel, organ Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey, Mavericks (RNA, 1991) guitar and lap steel. Chris Stamey, Fireworks (A&M, 1991) lap steel. Freedy Johnston, Can You Fly (Bar/None, 1992) lap steel on "Responsible" Cordelia's Dad, How Can I Sleep? (OKra/Normal, 1992) producer, lap steel on "Shallow Brown". Kate Jacobs, The Calm Comes After (Bar/None, 1993) organ, dobro, guitars, harmonica, autoharp, lap steel. Freedy Johnston, Unlucky (Bar/None, 1993) guitar on "Death of Stars". Peter Holsapple and Chris Stamey, Best of Mountain Stage Live, Vol. 5 (Blue Plate, 1993) lap steel. Yo LaTengo, They Came, They Saw, They Blocked The Driveway, WFMU Compilation (WFMU, 1993) guitar on "Barnaby, Hardly Working". OKra All-Stars OKra All-Stars (OKra/Normal, 1994) as a bandmember. Guitars, lap steel, vocals Kate Jacobs, Where Are My Headphones? Live From Studio A (WCBE, 1994) guitar. Ricky Barnes & the Hootowls, Welcome to Hilltop USA (OKra/Normal , 1994) lap steel. Freedy Johnston, This Perfect World (Elektra, 1994) guitar, sixing bass, lap steel. Hank McCoy & The Dead Ringers, Mohawk Street (OKra/Normal, 1995) lap steel. Kate Jacobs, What About Regret? (Bar/None 1995) guitar, accordion, autoharp, organ, vocals. Todd Kray, Emptyland (Sin City, 1995) guitars. Soul Asylum, Let Your Dim Light Shine (Columbia, 1995) lap steel and guitar. Yo La Tengo, Genius + Love = Yo La Tengo (Matador, 1996) guitar on "Barnaby, Hardly Working" and organ on "Speeding Motorcycle". Kate Jacobs, A Sister EP (Bar/None, 1996) acoustic and electric guitars, dobro, piano, accordian, organ, and vocals. Yo La Tengo, President Yo La Tengo/New Wave Hot Dogs Re-issue (Matador, 1996) has the Asparagus Song single on it. Freedy Johnston, Never Home (Elektra, 1997) lap steel and guitar. Kate Jacobs, Hydrangea (Bar/None, 1998) guitars, organ, piano, accordian, recorder, percussion, vocals. Richard Buckner, Since (MCA, 1998) acoustic and electric guitars. Heather Eatman, Candy and Dirt (Impossible, 1999) guitars. Will Rigby, (release tba) electric guitar. home
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